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Play Live Baccarat at Slots Heaven CA

If you like to play card games online, and you’re looking for some heads-up action played for real money, then why not see what our Live Baccarat games at Slots Heaven Canada have to offer? Combining the skills of a real professional dealer with premium online casino games design, vide technology, and software, our Live Baccarat games are fun, straightforward to play, and offer multiple ways to win a real money payout. It’s a unique and authentic way to enjoy your favourite casino games online. And as a new player, you can also double your money right away before you even hit the live casino tables, with our exclusive 100% Welcome Bonus that gives you up to $100 extra bankroll plus 200 free spins right away to use on your favourite games.

How to Score in Baccarat

All of the face cards are worth zero points when you play Live Baccarat, and all of the ten cards are worth zero also. The highest hand you can make in Live Baccarat is worth nine points. Suits are ranked as equal, so these will not affect your game. Your hand score is made by adding together your card values until you have a single digit outcome – e.g. If your hand is King/7, then your hand is worth 7 points. If your hand is 9/2, then your hand is worth 11 points, but as this is still a two-digit hand you must drop the ten to make a hand total of 1. Two face cards always count as zero. Your aim is to make a correct prediction for the outcome of the game. You make the best possible hand that you can, but you are not limited to betting on your own hand; you can also bet against yourself by wagering that it is the dealer will win the game. When you bet on the dealer, you still receive cards and play your hand – but even if your hand loses, you will win a payout!

How to play

Live Baccarat is an exciting and innovative game because you can lose your hand yet still win the game and claim a payout! To play, log in and go to the casino lobby to select the game from our 300+ options. Set your chip value and then place your wager on the Banker (dealer) or the Player (you) to win. You can also opt to bet on a Tie. Hit Deal to receive your two cards; both are placed face up. The dealer will receive cards also, and you play head to head for the best hand. Our software will automatically add any winnings due to you to your bankroll.