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Here at SlotsHeaven.com CA, we are well known for being the king of slots. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t cover other types of games: we have plenty of different options that Canadian players love. Lots of table games are available in our collection, and one of our most popular is Live Baccarat.

Live Baccarat is an online version of Baccarat that provides players with a live stream of a real-life dealer. This is hugely popular with Canadian players for a number of reasons. Firstly, it provides a more immersive environment than other versions of Baccarat. Canadian players are instantly taken into the game, due to the presence of the real dealer on the other end of the screen.

Secondly, it is more of a social experience. The chat boxes included in the game help to capture the feel of sitting at a real table with other participants. This means that players are able to interact while the game unfolds, which adds just a little bit more depth to the experience.

If you’re a fan of Baccarat, the live version of the game is the next best thing to playing in a brick-and-mortar casino. If you want to try playing Live Baccarat, here at SlotsHeaven.com CA is the best place to do so. We have the finest selection of games on the market, as well as a number of other features to catch your eye. We make sure that Canadian players always have access to the very best games.

Rules: How to Play Live Baccarat?

If you’re familiar with how traditional Baccarat is played, you will easily be able to get to grips with the live version of the game. The rules are almost identical in both versions: the only real difference is that the live version provides players with a real dealer. This obviously makes the gameplay much more immersive.

If you’re not familiar with the rules, don’t worry. We’re going to cover all of the important aspects to make sure that you’re completely up to speed with how the game is played:

  • Table Layout: A Baccarat table is an oval shape. It has space for 15 players in general, but mini Baccarat offers a smaller number of spaces. Each space allows players to place their bets.
  • Player, Banker, Tie: The three different betting choices. The player winning, the banker winning or a tie game.
  • Card Values: The 2 to 9 are all worth their number value. The 10 and face cards are worth 0. The Ace is worth 1.
  • Third Card Rule: If the player has a score of less than six, the third card rule is active. Here, the banker will take a third card as long as the player score is at a certain level.

Online Baccarat is simple. The dealer gives both the player and banker two cards each, all of which are shown to every player. If the player score is less than six, another card is dealt to them. The banker stands if they score six, but if the player has drawn a third card, the banker stands on seven.

Baccarat is different to Blackjack, as you can’t go bust in Baccarat. The aim of the game is to get a score of nine: if you go over this, the number in the tens column is subtracted from the score — so 19 would actually be worth nine. The best hand would be a score of nine with just two cards.

Players don’t play the game in Baccarat: the aim of the game is to bet on the player who will win. So, you can bet on the banker, the player or on a tie. Side bets are also offered.

An example of a side bet would be betting on either the player or the banker getting a pair. So, even if you choose the wrong main bet, you can still win if you get your side bet correct. Betting on a pair will normally pay out around 12/1. The odds can be slightly different between games, though. Bets don’t work as accumulators in Baccarat, so if your main bet loses, your side bet can still win.

Live Baccarat Odds and Payouts

The odds in Live Baccarat tend to be the same. The player and banker wagers pay out even money, although there is often a commission applied when players bet on the banker. The usual odds for betting on the tie are 8/1, but some games will offer slightly higher odds.

While the odds are generally the same when playing Live Baccarat, some games do offer small differences. You can learn what these are by checking our help section further down the page. Here, you’ll find out how to access all of the information on the game you’re playing.

BetOddsPayout on a $100 Bet
Player1/1$100 + $100 stake = $200
Banker1/1 - 5% commission$95 + $100 stake = $195
Tie8/1$800 + $100 stake = $900

Top 3 Strategies

We have put together what we think are the three top strategies to improve your approach to playing Baccarat. Take a look and explore new ways to play Baccarat today:

  • Bet on the Banker: The banker is statistically most likely to win. In fact, the banker is so likely to win that even with the commission, a bet on the banker still offers the best return. Just make sure you work out the commission first, especially if using a bankroll management strategy.
  • Don’t bet on a Tie: We know: the tie looks enticing and gives the biggest payout of all the main bets. However, it’s also very unlikely to happen. We’re not saying that it will never happen — just that if you bet on it, your bankroll will be empty before you know it.
  • Money Management: On the subject of bankrolls, managing yours is vital if you want to increase your chances of winning. Manage your bankroll sensibly: don’t go all out to try and bump up your winnings. Play the long game. This will help you to play for longer, and increase your chances of claiming wins.

There are other strategies out there, which can add some extra depth to your playing. But these three are the simplest ways to help yourself become a better player.

Help and Support

If you need help, it’s easy to get at SlotsHeaven.com CA. The first route is through the in-game help menu. Here, you can learn everything you need to know about the game you’re playing. Whether you want to know the odds involved or you want to learn a bit more about how to play, it’s a terrific resource.

If this doesn’t provide the help that you need, you can contact our help and support team. We offer support 24/7 through our email, live chat and telephone operatives. Our staff are dedicated to resolving issues as quickly as possible. If you don’t solve your problem with the in-game menu, our staff will be happy to help.

Live Baccarat Bonuses and Promotions

At Slots Heaven CA, we’re dedicated to providing our players with the best service possible. That’s why we have so many fantastic bonuses and promotions available. Sometimes, we also offer bonuses that can help Live Baccarat players specifically, so it’s worth your while to check the bonuses available.

The easiest way to do this is to browse our bonuses and promotions page. Here, you will be able to explore all of our current bonuses. You can discover what’s available to you, as well as delving into any Terms and Conditions that might apply. You’ll be able to grab the best bonus for your bankroll-boosting needs.

Live Baccarat FAQ

Is it safe to play Live Baccarat at SlotsHeaven.com CA?

Definitely. Slots Heaven CA is a fully licensed and regulated online casino. It has a number of different safety checks in place, and is part of the Casino.com family. It also uses fully audited Random Number Generators to ensure fairness.

Is there any skill in Baccarat?

In terms of how the game is played, no. The dealer carries out all instructions, so the player doesn’t impact the game itself. However, betting strategies do require some skill, and a good one can improve the chances of winning.

What’s the difference between online Baccarat and Live Baccarat?

The only real difference is that Live Baccarat features a real-life dealer over video feed. Other than that, they’re the same.

Can I play Live Baccarat on my mobile?

As long as you have a compatible device, you will be able to play Live Baccarat on your mobile.

Play Live Baccarat for Real Money

At SlotsHeaven.com CA, we have an amazing selection of Live Baccarat games available to play. With it being a fast-paced and simple game to understand, Live Baccarat grabs the attention of players right away. You can start playing it quickly by just creating your account and signing in.

If you play Live Casino games often, we also have a great range of other live titles to discover on our live casino games page. Just take a look and find the best game for you.