Play Perfect Blackjack Online at Slots Heaven

If you’re looking for a state of the art online casino games experience, with lots of action and some extra special features that enhance your overall experience, then why not take a peek at what our Perfect Blackjack games at this online slots casino experience have to offer you as a player. You can play for fun using virtual chips, or for real money, on download or flash software; the choice is yours. But if you decide to sign up today and play our real money games, you can also claim a $100 double your money Welcome Bonus plus 200 free spins. Perfect Blackjack is an exciting online blackjack variant that is based on the classic game, but with a few extras that enhance your overall experience and provides you with more opportunities to make a winning combination.

Game Information

Available only online, Perfect Blackjack boasts an extra side bet that is a wager on pairs. If you take the side bet, this is an additional bet that is separate from the main game, so even if you lose your hand, you can still win a payout. You can bet on your own hand or the dealer’s, so this game really does give you lots of exciting options. Another exciting benefit is the chance to Double your wager after seeing the dealer’s initial cards. The Perfect Pairs side bet is placed along with your regular wager at the start of a game. You can bet that either your own initial two cards, or those held by the dealer, will contain a pair. You can bet on:

  • a ‘Perfect Pair’ – this refers to a same suit pair
  • a Coloured pair - this means a pair of the same colour, but different suit
  • a red/black pair – this is a pair made up of a mixture of different colours and suits

You can only make this extra Perfect Blackjack side bet if you have placed a bet on the standard game; it is not a standalone bet.

Winnings, Payouts & Bonuses

After you split any hand, an Ace and a Ten hand will count as a 21, but not Blackjack, and will be paid out accordingly. If you manage to get a 10-card hand without bust, this is known as a 10 Card Charlie and you will automatically beat the dealer unless you get Blackjack. A 10 Card Charlie also counts when you split hands. Payouts for your standard Perfect Blackjack game are the same as a classic game, but winning Perfect Pair bets pay 25:1, winning Coloured Pair bets pay 12:1, and winning Red/Black Pair bets pay out at 6:1.