Play Mini Roulette Online at Slots Heaven CA

Whether you’re an experienced player or a complete newbie at the tables, our 300+ exciting online casino games including Mini Roulette will have something to offer every taste and preference – and if you play for real money with us at this Canadian video slots today, you are also eligible for an exclusive $100 Double Your Money Welcome Bonus plus 200 free spins. Mini Roulette is an exciting option because it has a super fast pace, all the thrills and spills of a traditional online roulette game, but with fewer numbers on the wheels for a condensed yet enhanced experience that offers plenty of payouts and ways to win real money. You can play for free but if you play our real money you’ll take home actual cash payouts every time you make a winning prediction – and we’re offering all new players a Double Your Money $100 Welcome Bonus plus 200 free spins when you join us for real money games today.

How to Play

This condensed version of the classic games may have fewer numbers and less betting options – but it’s an epic game offering lots of fast-paced action, and it’s only available online! The Mini Roulette wheel is numbered 1-12, with a single zero (0). Like any other roulette game, you start by choosing your chip denomination, placing your bets and then spinning the wheel. If your predictions match the number that the wheel settles on, you win a payout. Fewer numbers on the wheel means the action is much faster, and you have less complicated bets to learn. You can also choose to play Turbo games for even more speed, or you can play multiple games. Whatever you choose, you can concentrate on having because your winnings are paid immediately to your bankroll by our software.

Bets & payouts

Bets you can make on the Mini Roulette betting table include odds, evens, black and red, with each of these options paying out at even money. Column bets also pay even money on this game; when you make a column bet, you are predicting that the outcome will fall within one of these borders: 1-6, 4-9, or 7-12. The biggest paying bet is a Straight bet, and this pay out at 11:1. Another exciting feature is that bets that would usually pay out at 2:1 on European or American Roulette games actually pay out at 3:1 in Mini Roulette. You can place one bet or multiple bets – the choice is yours! Just make sure that your bets balance across the field for improved odds. And don’t forget, you can also boost your bankroll with a $100 plus 200 free spins Welcome Bonus when you sign up and play for real money today.