Is your number up? Play roulette at Slots Heaven Canada

Sometimes it’s good news when your number’s up. Online roulette at Slots Heaven Canada has never looked or played better. Cutting edge animations, crisp graphics, and realistic sounds all combine to create a pitch perfect version of this evergreen casino classic. The wheel spins, the ball bounces across the numbers, your heart races, the game ends. Simple but effective, this 300 year old game has delighted millions of players since it first originated back in eighteenth century France.



The rules of roulette are simple: You have to guess where you think the ball will stop. Where strategy can play is role is in determining how you spread your bets across the table. There is the Kavouras bet, Tier et Tour, the Labouchere strategy, the Martingal, Oscar’s Grind, and the Paroli Progression to name a few. Use Google to find out how all these various systems are supposed to work. With odds of 35 - 1 on a single number, a $10 bet will pay $350 if you get lucky. It’s these high payouts that make roulette such a popular game.

The online roulette at Slots Heaven Canada comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Like all the online casino games on offer, there are different versions to try. There are American, European, and French versions of the game. They all have different table layouts. American roulette has an additional ‘double zero’ on the board which actually improves the house odds. Here’s a tip: avoid American roulette! Other games include a multi-wheel game and games with tweaked design. As technology advances each new version looks more and more like the real thing.

However… if it is the real thing you want. You can get that at Slots Heaven Canada as well. Our live casino features online roulette that is played on a real table, hosted by a professional croupier, in Latvia. The game plays identically to the regular online game. If your skeptical about the random nature of online casinos – here is your answer. You can use your $100 plus 200 free spins welcome bonus to enjoy any or all of the different online roulette games. Bet singles, corners, lines, the street. Go even or put it all on red. The choice is yours. Start spinning the reels today.