Play French Roulette Online at Slots Heaven CA

If you like playing online casino games that are fun, thrilling and offer plenty of ways to win, then our 300+ options including French Roulette at thesе online slots are sure to have something for you to enjoy – and if you decide to open an account and play for real money today, you can also claim a $100 Double your Money Welcome Bonus plus 200 free spins before you even spin the wheel! French Roulette is an exciting variation of this casino classic, with extra rules that benefit the players and some additional bets to give you even more options. Available in the comfort of our own home for free or for real money, 24 hours a day every day of the week, you can enjoy French Roulette whenever it fits your lifestyle.

How to Play

Click on the French Roulette option in the lobby to be taken to your online roulette game. You follow the same rules as a standard European game, and the wheel has a single zero; but you get to reap the benefits of all the additional extras. The betting table displays the bets you can make; hover your cursor over the different areas to see what numbers are included in your bet. Place your bet by clicking on the chip denomination you wish to use, then spin the wheel and wait to see which number the wheel stops on to see whether you’ve won a payout. Any winning bets will be automatically paid out to your bankroll via our fast-response software. Note: if you like to make even money bets when you play French Roulette, the special ‘la partage’ rule will return half of your stake if the game ends on the zero slot.

Special Bets

Additional bets that are only available French versions of roulette include Voisins du Zero, a wager that is made up of numbers from 22 to 25 on the wheel, and requires nine chips to play. Voisins du Zero is made up of a set combination of split bets, corner bets, and triplet bets, to give you multiple chances to win. Le Toers du Cylindre covers a third of the wheel in total when you make this bet, and it consists of the numbers opposite the zero on the wheel (27 to 33). The Le Toers du Cylindre bet costs six chips to play, and consists of six split bets. Orphelins is another extra French Roulette bet that is made up of eight numbers, and costs five chips to play – when you make this bet, you are placing four set split bets and the number one.