Play Blackjack Surrender Online at Slots Heaven

Whether you’re completely new to online casino games or you’re an experienced player looking for a card game that offers something a bit different, when you sign up and play Blackjack Surrender real money games, you can enjoy quality online casino entertainment whenever and wherever it suits you. Enjoy lots of exciting cards action as well as multiple ways to win a payout as you go head to head with the dealer. Based on the standard rules of a traditional online blackjack game, Blackjack Surrender also offers a few exciting extras to enhance your overall experience.

How to Play

Your aim is to beat the dealer’s hand, making the best hand that you can, with a maximum points value of total of 21, without going bust. The number of players at your table does not affect your game; the results are affected only be your hand and that of the dealer. To start playing, click on the chip denomination of choice and then place your bet. Click Deal to receive your two cards; the dealer will receive his cards also. You continue the game by deciding whether you want to Hit or Stand – the aim is to improve on your hand until you like the cards you have, without exceeding the 21 points limit. Another option is to Surrender; this means that you abandon your bet in return for half of your wager back. You can also Split pairs, Double your bet size mid game, and Insurance for some protection against the dealer hitting Blackjack.


Play Blackjack Surrender at this online slots site at any time of day or night, on any day of the year; we make sure you always have access to your favourite games, as well as a host of services including customer care and a range of secure and fast payment methods so you can always be in control of your deposits and winnings. When your Blackjack Surrender game ends, our software will automatically pay out any winnings due to you direct to your bankroll. You receive a payout of even money on any standard winning hand, but you receive a bigger payout of 2:1 if you opted for insurance. You also receive a payout of 3:2 if you hit Blackjack. A seven-card Charlie is any seven-card hand that doesn’t go bust – and this pays out against the dealer every time, with the exception of if the dealer has Blackjack.