Play Deuces Wild Multi Hand Video Poker at CA Today

If you’ve never played online video poker, then the time to start is now. The game is a cross between online slots and 5 card poker. You can win with anything from a three of a kind all the way up to a royal flush. The biggest difference between video poker and regular poker is here it’s all about what cards you have. You don’t have the opportunity to try and dupe other players into thinking you have a winning hand, just having a winning hand is good enough.

How to Play Deuces Wild Multi Hand Video Poker at Slots Heaven Canada

There are two great reasons to play Deuces Wild Multi Hand video poker at our Canadian online casino. First off, every two-card, also known as a Deuce, is a wild card. This can greatly increase your odds of winning real money, by improving your hand.

The second great thing is the multi hand feature. The way this works is when you have the cards dealt to you, you’ll see them on the bottom of your screen. There will also be several hands, depending on how many you choose to activate, that have 5 face-down cards. You can ignore them for now.

Take a look at your 5 cards and choose which ones to hold onto and which to get rid of. Here’s where the fun starts, whichever cards you choose to hold onto will also be dealt to the other hands you are playing. This means that if you are dealt three of a kind, for example, all of your hands will have automatically won at least the three of a kind, with the possibility of more. All they would need is a deuce to up it to four of a kind, or another pair of cards can win the payout for a Full House.

Start Playing Deuces Wild Multi Hand Video Poker at Slots Heaven Canada Today

If you’re ready to win real money playing Deuces Wild Multi Hand video poker at Slots Heaven then you’ll need to create and fund an account with us. The process is simple and will grant you access to all our online casino games within minutes of your deposit being processed. You will also receive a Welcome Bonus of up to 100$ plus 200 free spins to help get you started.

See how many Deuces you can be dealt when you play Deuces Wild Multi Hand Video Poker today.