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Wizard Slots

Welcome to the world of magic and myth! From bespectacled boys to all-powerful Arthurian legends, wizards have captured the public’s attention and are always a great topic for slot games. There is something about these spellcasters that works well in the gaming industry.

After all, who doesn’t want to step into the pointy shoes of an all-powerful wizard who possesses the power to change the world with a simple swipe of their wand?

What Are Wizard Themed Slots?

Wizard slot games are steeped in history and fantasy. They immerse you in grand and glorious worlds where anything is possible, and they often take inspiration from the Dark Ages, when the great Merlin is said to have lived and ruled.

You will find an assortment of magical symbols, animations, and images, and you can unlock features relating to wizardry. Some games, for instance, take you on an adventure through a magical world and task you with fighting creatures, summoning monsters, casting spells, and uncovering treasures.

You may even encounter a dragon or two, because you can’t have wizards in a fantasy world without dragons!

Discover our Full Collection of Wizard Themed Slots:

  • Blue Wizard
  • Legacy of the Wild
  • Legacy of the Wild 2
  • The Winnings of Oz
  • White Wizard
  • White Wizard Deluxe

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With all of this in mind, it’s no surprise that wizard slots are one of the most popular themes in Canada. You can be sure to find a range of different features, free spins and paylines. Sign up now to claim a welcome bonus and start playing your favourite slot games today!

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