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Table of Contents:

How to Play Blackjack | Variations | Odds & Payouts | Strategies and Tips | Promotions and Bonuses | FAQ | Help | Play for Real Money

How to Play Blackjack?

You can learn to play Blackjack in no time. The basic rules don't require hours of studying or years of experience. Your primary goal when playing Blackjack is to beat the dealer.

To do so, you need a score higher than the dealers, while not exceeding 21. You can also win when the dealer ‘busts' by going over 21, which can happen even if your hand is low.

Now you know how to win, here's the order of play for Blackjack:

  • The game will only begin once you've placed your bet.
  • The dealer then hands out two cards to everyone at the table, including himself.
  • All of your cards will be dealt face up for everyone to see. The dealer will receive one card face-up and one card face-down. Pay close attention to the dealer's face-up card.
  • It's now time for the players to act. The dealer will only take their turn when everyone else has finished.

Card Values

Each card in Blackjack is worth its face value with a few exceptions:

  • Royal cards, also known as face cards - Jack, Queen, and King, are all worth 10. This means there are 16 cards worth 10 points in each deck.
  • The Ace is a special card worth 1 or 11. The value can change depending on which one gives you the best hand.

Hit and Stand

These are two common terms you'll see and hear when playing Blackjack. During your turn, you can request another card from the dealer. To do so, push the 'Hit' button. When you've finished your turn, press the 'Stand' button.

You can keep 'Hitting' until you decide to stop, or your score exceeds 21. Anyone whose score goes over 21 will automatically lose, including the dealer. This is called going 'bust.'

Advanced Options

There are also advanced options you can use when playing Blackjack. Here we'll describe them briefly, and further down the page, we explain when the optimal time to use each one is.

  • Double Down: Choosing this option will double your bet, and you'll receive one more card. It's important to remember that this option will end your turn straight away.
  • Split: If you're dealt a pair of cards, such as 2 Jacks, you can choose to split the hand. It will double your bet, and you'll receive two extra cards, one for each hand.
  • Insurance: When the dealer's face-up card is an Ace, you can place a bet on Insurance - it pays 2:1 if the dealer has a natural Blackjack.
  • Surrender: Choosing to surrender will forfeit your turn and return half of your wager. In most Blackjack games, you can only surrender as your very first action.
  • Side bets: Many Blackjack tables offer side bets that use poker rules to create a winning hand such as a flush.
  • Multi-hand: If you want to play more than one hand at a time, join a Blackjack multi-hand table, where you can play up to 5 hands at once.

Rule Variations

Blackjack is a top-rated game, and at Slots Heaven, there's a wide variety of variations you can play. Let's take a brief look at the most popular Blackjack varieties you'll find in our casino lobby:

European: The main difference in European Blackjack is the dealer receives their face-up card only after all players at the table have finished their turn.

American: Many players refer to the American version of Blackjack as the standard variant. Here, the dealer receives both cards before anyone plays their turn.

Spanish 21: Get ready for drastic changes in Spanish 21. All the 10s are removed from the deck which reduces the chance of you or the dealer having a natural Blackjack. To compensate, there are other rules in place.

Blackjack Switch: In this version of Blackjack, all players receive two hands instead of one. After all the hands are dealt, you can switch cards between your two hands to create a better hand.

Pontoon: This British variant of Blackjack uses different terminology and has slightly different rules, such as the 'five-card trick,' which pays 2:1 for having a 5-card hand totalling 21.

Odds and Payouts

Because you're only playing against the dealer, Blackjack payouts are easy to understand and get to grips with. There are slight variations between different games, but for most Blackjack games, the below payouts are the same.

  • Natural Blackjack: When your starting hand contains an Ace and a ten-point card, you're holding a natural Blackjack, which is the strongest hand in the game. Whoever has this hand automatically wins the game, and it pays out 3/2. A $1 bet will earn you $2.50 in total.
  • Regular win: Winning with a regular hand pays 1:1. Betting $1 means you'll receive $2.
  • Insurance: Insurance pays out 2:1. You would receive a $3 payout from a bet of $1.
  • Tie: When it's a tie between you and the deal, you'll receive your wager back.

Before starting to play, be sure to browse the game's help section for a breakdown of the rules and betting options available.

Winning Hand Pays $1 Bet Pays
Blackjack 3:2 $2.5 ($1+$1.5)
Regular Hand 1:1 $2 ($1+$1)
Tie 0 $1
Insurance 2:1 $3 ($1+$2)

Basic Strategies and Tips

To get the most of your Blackjack experience, you can use these tips to improve your strategy. While Blackjack is a simple game to play, these tips will help you maximise your potential and increase the odds further in your favour.

Here are the three most important tips you need to know when playing Online Blackjack:

1. Splitting

Always split when you have a pair of Aces. When used together, you're missing out on the potential of creating two stronger hands. Splitting allows you to increase your odds of having a winning hand. It's best not to split if you have a pair that adds up to 20, because it puts you in a sound position against the dealer. 

Your Hand When to Split VS. the Dealer
2's, 3's 4 through 7
4’s, 5’s, 10’s Never
6’s 3 through 6
7’s 2 through 7
8’s Always
9’s 2 through 6 and 8 or 9
Aces Always

2. Double Down

If you find yourself in one of these three situations, you can choose to double down.

  • If your hand's total is 11, there's a high chance you'll receive a 10-point card from the dealer.
  • A soft hand is when you have an Ace. It puts you in a strong position as you can't go bust due to the Ace being a 1 or 11. If you have a soft 16, you can double down and prevent going bust if you receive a high card.
  • When the dealer's face-up card is a low number, and you have a hand worth 10 points, you can double down as well.
Your Hand Double if Dealers face-up card is:
9 3 to 6
10 2 to 9
11 2 to 10
A and 2 5,6
A and 3 5,6
A and 4,5 4,5,6
A and 6 3 to 6
A and 7 2 to 6
A and 8 6

3. Surrender

Not every Blackjack table offers surrender, and there are variations available such as late surrender. The optimal time to surrender is when you have a starting hand of 16, and the dealer is showing a 9, 10 or Ace.

Mobile Experience

At Slots Heaven, you can access all of our amazing online Blackjack games from your smartphone or tablet device! Every single one of our games is fully optimised from the ground up to give you the best experience.

You can hold your phone in both portrait and landscape mode to get the most of your screen while holding it in the most comfortable position. The dynamic user interface moves around the screen, so the essential buttons are always within easy reach.

Playing Blackjack on your mobile takes the experience to a whole new level of convenience!

Promotion and Bonuses

At Slots Heaven India, you'll find a first-class range of promotions, bonuses, competitions, and perks. Just navigate to our Promotions page to discover all the latest goodies available.

To keep things fresh and exciting, we're constantly changing and introducing additional bonuses and promotions, so be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly to keep up to date with the latest Slots Heaven promotions. 


How do you win at Blackjack?

If you want to win at Blackjack, you must remember that it's not about hitting 21. Your main goal is to beat the dealer. Even if you have a lower card count, when the dealer goes bust, you'll automatically win.

Is it possible to count cards in online Blackjack?

You cannot count cards in online Blackjack. The virtual deck is reshuffled automatically after every hand by the game software. This means each round of Blackjack is entirely independent of previous rounds, making it impossible to count cards.

Where can I play Blackjack against a Live Dealer?

Enjoy a fantastic selection of Live Dealer Blackjack games right here at Slots Heaven India. We have a premium selection of cutting-edge games streamed live from Playtech's Eurolive studio.

What makes Slots Heaven the best Blackjack casino?

When you play at Slots Heaven, you'll have access to the best selection of Blackjack games, award-winning 24/7 support, and the most secure and popular banking methods.

Help and Support

Help is just a click away, no matter where you are. You can get professional Blackjack and Casino support 24/7 when playing with us at Slots Heaven.

In-Game Help Menu:  Inside each game window, you can find the rules for the Blackjack game you're playing, including the payouts and betting options available. To access it, click on the 'menu' button located in the upper left-hand corner.

Customer Support: You can contact our highly trained, award-winning support team for any issue 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Get in touch via email, Live Chat, or telephone for immediate assistance.

Play Blackjack for Real Money

Ready to become a Blackjack pro and play for real money? At Slots Heaven, we have the best online Blackjack games from the best software providers. Play on your computer or smartphone day or night and enjoy 24/7 support whenever you need it.

Blackjack is by far one of the most popular online casino games in India. It's easily accessible for new players and offers plenty of depth for experienced card players. After reading this page, you're now up to speed on the basics of Blackjack and ready to start playing. To begin, register your account, make your first deposit, and claim your Blackjack bonus.